Author: Joel Barker

Developers: What do you like in docs? What do you hate?

Hey team! We are curious, here in July 2020, about software and code documentation. Actually, we have always been curious about docs. Today, we are curious what YOU think about documentation. What do you like in docs? What do you hate? We would love your input and to be able to follow up with you…. Read more »

Here’s to 2020 – and to 2030

A robot keeps time at Lion's Way.

Lions are coming into the year with the same focus we have had when we started in 2009: effectiveness, ethics, and delight.

How a startup can market to the enterprise

A robot visits and old west town.

Innovation comes from startups and growth companies. When the buyer is in an enterprise company, how do you make sure you’re speaking their language?

Obsolescence and Endurance

Mechanical printing device

Moving a bunch of books and the like around the other day, I came across an old copy of Cabinet Magazine dated Spring 2006. Cabinet is a delightfully eclectic quarterly I pick up from time to time.  I had not read this issue all the way through and fell upon an article by Sam Burton that… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Features, Benefits, and Value

person and dog watching another person running away

When creating marketing messages, particularly for technology and software, the industry standard has been to break down the conversation to features and benefits.  The argument is that we simply list the elements of the product and call them features.  Following that, we affix a significance to those features and call those benefits. When developing that language,… Read more »

Technology Writers as Snowballs

People running and playing in snow, watched from a ship

And you want to hire the biggest snowball. The other day I got a new netbook computer, an Asus Eeepc.  Philip, my fellow Word Lion, saw the picture I snapped and posted to Facebook.  We then had a gleeful exchange as we both ranged around the Internet looking for new applications and operating systems for… Read more »