Dog looking joyful in the snow.

2023 outlook: Big Tech ≠ B2B tech

The Lions’ perspective on what happens from here

December 2022

The last few months have been “interesting” for the tech world, to say the least. Giants like Meta, Apple, and Google are closing ranks and laying off employees. Seismic shifts in global economic policy have made it harder for many tech companies to find investors. The result is an uncertain outlook for 2023. I listened to this great breakdown on what those Big Tech layoffs mean (spoiler alert: It is not the end of the world. Also, not to be ignored.) While a heavy snow was coming down around me. I was worried about transportation, electricity, and structures that we rely on. My dog just wanted to play in the stuff. That crystalized something for me.

Dog looking up joyfully in the snow.
Snow is opportunity! Let’s play.

With uncertainty comes opportunity, especially for B2B tech companies fueling the innovations that will shape the future of manufacturing, information security, and user experiences of every type. It is where we like to operate.

In the wake of the Great Recession in 2008, we formed Lion’s Way because we love to write and we love the work of marketing business-to-business (B2B) technology.

People may not believe that we love this work, but it’s true. Effective B2B marketing for technology solutions shows value and explains complicated things. The work is fun and success is tangible.

Since our inception, we have experienced a fair amount of uncertainty. Happily, Lion’s Way is resilient and has learned to help our clients be resilient. When budgets tighten and success metrics become more difficult to achieve, B2B offerings designed to create advantage, efficiency, and opportunity gain ground in otherwise choppy seas. When a purchase can be a seven figure commitment, sales needs to be authentic and thorough. Lion’s Way makes content (white papers, ebooks, contributed articles, case studies, infographics, web copy, product data sheets, sales enablement…) that connects the dots from our client’s tech to their clients’ needs.


As you look to 2023, we hope you are embracing the opportunity as much as you are bracing for inclement weather.

Dog running down trail in the snow.

And how can we help?

If you are re-thinking how to move forward, let’s have a conversation. The upcoming year will be challenging, and we want to help companies position themselves to take advantage.