How Do You Make a Website Fierce?

By Joel Barker

Word Lions have strong feelings about websites. We think that effective websites, an Internet presence that moves a company forward, need to have a structure as well as content that supports the company’s story.

We make websites that are fierce but well groomed.

Word Lions helps companies of various sizes develop websites that support their messaging. Read these case studies to learn about

A new web-based company launching their first web presence.

A 40 year old company refurbishing their company image.

When it comes to a company’s web presence,

Word Lions Believe

  • It’s worth it to make engaging, interesting websites. Linking content and structure is the key.
  • Authenticity wins the day. We have designed a process that helps us write authentic content for you. We begin by learning about you and your company, and from there we build messaging that tells your unique story.
  • Your website visitors’ attention is a precious, non-renewable resource. We design content that is perfect for busy people in search of real value.

We make these websites, and it goes really smoothly

Because Word Lions love process, we approach the challenge of making great websites as a process challenge. Answering this need for our clients forged our content driven design: We call it Fierce Websites

Our process builds a website in this order: Fierce Websites start with agreeing on the message.

Our Fierce approach makes great sites and makes the process sensible:

  • Cohesive message. The design, website structure, and content fit together and make sense.
  • The final site is fierce. It goes out to help you to sell or promote, supporting your other efforts.
  • Budgets don’t swell and burst and timelines don’t stretch and snap.
  • Everyone is on the same page, literally. The messsaging framework means writer, designer, and client are working from the same stated goals and parameters.

Love your website, let it be fierce.

Contact Joel and tell him what your site needs to do.