Word Lions is Now Lion’s Way

We still believe in words, but it's time to focus on The Way


What was Word Lions is now Lion’s Way.

When I started Word Lions in 2008, content marketing was just beginning a seismic transformation. The Word Lions mission then was to use our nerdy smarts and writing skills in tandem to provide compelling copy for technology companies. As the marketing world has evolved and we have gained experience and broadened our expertise, it is time to recognize our expanded role with a change in name.

When we started, we believed that complex topics could be explained in compelling ways. We still do—just not always with words. As Word Lions, we too often found ourselves explaining to our clients that—despite the company name—we have for years been creating fully formatted ebooks, case studies, presentations, product tutorials, technical documentation, visual explainers, and infographics, as well as fully produced animated videos and end-to-end website development.

We think and create where visual expression meets the written word. We use the best of both disciplines.

We know that authentic communication will help companies establish their place in the market. We have proven that. We continue to prove the value of meaningful content every day.

With a hunger to make better content and make more of an impact on our client’s business, we have learned a lot about the process of content creation -- and how to create all types of content more effectively.

We know that budgets matter. We know that strategy matters. We know that shortening the delivery timeline multiplies the value of any project.

We understand the role of strategy and how to match it with business needs to make the most valuable assets.

Now is the time for our name to change and recognize our business growth and expanded service offering.

We are Lion’s Way. Our way is guided by our experience and our dedication to the craft of content creation. Our clients benefit from all we know about creating the assets that audiences embrace.

Lion’s Way listens to your strategy, your business drivers, the messages from your marketplace. Your content should represent you and respect your audience. Lion’s Way uncovers the best of your company and product.

Lion’s Way is process. Content needs to be created efficiently. We bring sage process to bear to get assets produced, out the door, and doing the work.

People say that change is hard. At first, I felt some difficulty letting go of the name of this company I hold so dear. Now, as we announce the name change and release our new image to the world, I think that change is hard only if you look backwards.

Looking forward, I see Lion’s Way as a path we can walk to form new relationships. We are going to make great work for great clients under this new banner. As Word Lions, we have proven that. I look forward to new partnerships, new audiences, all the new opportunities clients will bring to Lion’s Way. We are still your lions, ready to make your content fierce.

We are Lion’s Way. Nice to meet you.

Joel Barker,
Founder & Creative Director