How We Blog Fiercely

How We Blog Fiercely

By Erik L. Arneson

A company blog keeps a website fresh. Our clients face a lot of intelligent competition, and to maintain an image of thought leadership and agility, they need to communicate with their customers regularly. That’s what we aim for with our fierce technical blogging service: we want them to look smart, and we want to communicate that they are actively doing cool things.

Writing a technical blog for a client is a really interesting challenge. There is a learning curve as we get familiar with the client’s products and how they work. Some of our clients have very complicated pieces of software with very specific markets, and this can require a lot of technical knowledge. With all of my experience in software development, I jump at the opportunity to learn how new products do their jobs.

We Ask a Lot of Questions (But This Is Good!)

Our first contact with a company is typically with somebody in marketing. Usually, the companies we write for have small marketing teams that don’t have the time to write blog posts. We interview the marketing team first, and get a good overview of the product and what it does. Our first interview produces at least one or two good ideas for blog posts.

Questions arise while we write our first blog posts. We learn a lot. We dive into documentation and data and, sometimes, we ask a lot of questions of the client. Deep understanding of a software project is important for quality content. Our first posts end up being meaningful and insightful, but they don’t get very technical.

Charles Betts and Joseph Lawrence (not Word Lions) with a linotype machine

Clear Language and Outside Perspective

The products we write about solve problems. These problems can be of a specific technical nature, and it can be hard to find the right kind of language that attracts customers and an audience. The company that builds the product typically has a strong internal technical jargon that isn’t immediately understood. We shine at communicating with tech and software buyers. In the process of deciphering the parlance of your subject matter experts we learn more about the product, and get more to write about.

The learning process is as fascinating as the writing. We like to look at data and use it to come up with blog posts. We like to talk to engineers and figure out the questions they have. Over time, the posts we write dive into the guts of your product and how it enhances the industry.

A blog post starts with just an idea. The idea breeds questions, and the answers show us how to communicate your ideas to the community – your customers and potential customers.