Mechanical printing device

Obsolescence and Endurance

Moving a bunch of books and the like around the other day, I came across an old copy of Cabinet Magazine dated Spring 2006. Cabinet is a delightfully eclectic quarterly I pick up from time to time.  I had not read this issue all the way through and fell upon an article by Sam Burton that opens with the tale of Alves Reis, a fascinating, bold Portugese counterfeiter of the early 20th century. It was a great read and I felt somewhat sad for Sam that the effort went into an article that is now so far out of circulation.

Some of Alves Reis’ handiwork.

Cabinet does not release their articles freely on the Internet, so only pack rats like me are reading the article these days. In the latter portion of the article, Burton makes some really interesting points about the value of money and language that are just as relevant now as they were in 2006. Indeed, after our recent financial crisis, it is even more alluring to call into question the significance of paper money.

The Endurance of Lion’s Way

It is a risk you take as a writer, I suppose.  When developing work for our clients, The Word Lions make it a point to talk about how to make the content endure. We can help you to find different venues to repurpose content, getting you more value for your investment.  We can also advise you on how to make content that is a mixture of “timely” and “evergreen.” By splitting your messaging into portions that are fresh and current, building around items that are a part of your recurring messaging, we can help you get the most value for your dollar – or whatever currency you use.

Hope you don’t mind if we check your bills for authenticity.