We know what you want to ask: how are we like and unlike the kid that can program the clock on your microwave?

Philip and I are both technical pros. We have been asked to perform technical wizardry as IT consultants. Before that, however, we were the kids who programmed our grandparents’ VCR and microwave clocks. We are just used to figuring out technologies. In fact, we enjoy the puzzle. Of course, things have changed a bit – I have less hair (though Philip’s seems to be holding strong) and there are no more VCRs to program. We still have a little bit of that kid in our hearts, but have evolved into the word-crunching beasts of today.

Ways that we are like the kid who programs the clock on your microwave:

Science Kid-sm
  • We have been fiddling with all sorts of technology for years and years. Our understanding of a new device is based on all the previous items we have got our hands on.  We are able to quickly ramp up on something new.  Each microwave clock is easier to figure out than the last, if you will.
  • We love to be asked to help. That kid lives for the chance to be a technology hero.  We certainly like to be helpful.  Hopefully we have a few more things going on in our lives, but we still want to show off our chops.

Ways that we are NOT like the kid who programs the clock on your microwave:

Lots of Dials
  • We prefer to leave you with the ability to set your own clock. You need that kid at least two times a year, when daylight savings kicks in.  If there is a power outage, you have to call him up again – or face the daily annoyance of a flashing 12:00…12:00…12:00.  Nowadays, The Word Lions communicate about the technology, making sense of it for end users and purchasing decision-makers.  We find a way for  that arcane time-changing button combination to make sense so that users can do it themselves.
  • We understand the grown-up world of business. We get that you are competing against other smart, tough companies and you need to help potential customers understand the value of your products.
  • Well, you can’t pay us with pudding cups and 7-up. Although, as a small and targeted team, we are not too hard on your budget.

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