Our Story

Our Way Is the Lion’s Way

Lion’s Way is the ever-evolving outgrowth of our belief that technology and business innovation needs a committed advocate. Good businesses need content that can help them open doors.

Started in 2008 as Word Lions, we have continually proven that technology can have an authentic, compelling voice. That is what we mean by fierce content.

Fierce means the content works; it reaches the audience where they are and gives them what they need to know. It's not a placeholder or an afterthought. Content done right moves the needle. It makes sales, reduces support calls, builds audience. Fierce content flexes its muscles, and the market notices.

Expecting results like this from our work has taught us how to make it happen reliably, over and over. That’s why we are so dedicated to the process (the way) of creating content. The Lions are committed to getting projects done, and for those projects to do the work they need to in the marketplace.

That takes just two steps: define success and then devise the process that gets us there. Watch for that in every project with the Lions. Success never gets old for us.

Principal Lions

Our heritage is technology and business.

Joel Barker

Founder and Creative Director

The Ambassador of Fierce Content

After an initial career in networking, telecommunications, and IT administration, Joel founded Word Lions (now known as Lion’s Way) in 2008. Writing about technology united his interest in the constant evolution of our world with a passion for the written word.

Joel still gets to write and conceive of content, but he is now busied by creative direction, account management, and advocating for fierce content.

Karl Steiner

President and Lead Writer

Karl joined our company in 2011 and never looked back. After over 10 years in sales and management roles, it was time to pursue his true passion—writing. Writing anything, really. Case studies, white papers, tutorials, and product documentation. Infographics are his new favorite thing — anything that requires integration of visual elements into the writing process.

Though Karl prefers creating, he spends a fair amount of his day overseeing daily operations, running projects, and doing all that icky financial stuff.

In his spare time, he chases his kids around and plots his escape to Tucson.