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How a startup can market to the enterprise

A robot visits and old west town.

Innovation comes from startups and growth companies. When the buyer is in an enterprise company, how do you make sure you’re speaking their language?

Technology Writers as Snowballs

People running and playing in snow, watched from a ship

And you want to hire the biggest snowball. The other day I got a new netbook computer, an Asus Eeepc.  Philip, my fellow Word Lion, saw the picture I snapped and posted to Facebook.  We then had a gleeful exchange as we both ranged around the Internet looking for new applications and operating systems for… Read more »

Landing Pages – To Register or Not to Register

Man refusing letter from another man

We know from experience that creating a good white paper is a real investment. The company very naturally wants to get a return on that investment, usually in the form of sales leads.  In an effort to create leads, many companies distribute white papers off their websites through a registration process. All over the web,… Read more »