What We Do

Adoption and Onboarding

Technologists and the open source community have their own needs when it comes to content for learning and decision making. We work with teams to make web sites clear, technical writing useful, ideas take off, and projects thrive.

White papers and ebooks

Technical topics need meaningful long-form content to move prospects toward a sale. Deliver believable technical information in a digestible, engaging format.

Email campaigns

Sales enablement, ABM, and other campaigns. Cut through the clutter; reach technologists and business decision-makers with messages that matter to them.

Email window. "Disruptor or Disrupted? It's Your Call. How leading companies are battling finance...

Thought leadership

Expand your presence and authority with substantive, on-message pages and articles that speak to savvy technology audiences.

Puppet: How to improve infrastructure automation with PowerShell and Bolt (additional partical cropped text)

Case studies

Lively tales of your customer success show how you help them win. From interviews to design, Lion’s Way delivers social proof.

Edrans "Buidling the Future of Agriculture" Metzoo. (additional partical cropped text)

Explainer videos

Hold your audience’s attention and support the sales conversation with compelling visual tech stories. Increase understanding by showcasing what your product can do.

cartoon drawing of a database. Hand writing text

Documentation and training

Internal and external audiences need instruction to suits them. Work with us to make the right tool — from simple handouts to delight-rich, story-driven elearning.

Cartoon people crying and holding their heads in panic. "Advanced Incident Response Training"had

Integrate to Win

Account-based marketing (ABM) content assets

Strategic messaging frameworks and implementation plans

Complete content campaigns, including emails, social, and landing pages

Lion’s Way harmonizes your message across channels and targets, making the most of your content by repurposing, refining, and interconnecting your assets.

Together, let’s get your content plan from shop talk to the showroom floor, and install a red carpet for your prospects.

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