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Word Lions explains complicated things.

Web copy. White papers. Marketing materials. Documentation and training. Whatever the delivery, Word Lions brings fierce focus to your message.
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White papers

White papers can establish thought leadership, function as a sales leave-behind, generate leads, and enhance SEO. However, they have to be good. Word Lions builds white papers that thrive in all channels.

Case studies

The best way to impress a prospect is to show them your product in action doing just what they need it to do. Word Lions write case studies to tell your success stories and speak to your customers' needs.

Web copy

Word Lions writes web content that works. We write and redesign websites from the ground up. Our copy aligns with client business and marketing messages and makes the audience hungry to learn more.

Read our Fierce Website Redesign case study to learn more.


Customers need to understand your products and services. Good documentation is comprehensive, concise, and informative. Word Lions creates clear, accurate documentation that connects our clients with their customers.


Messaging is a key component of branding, but it doesn’t do anything if potential customers don’t see it. Word Lions helps you expand your content capabilities. Learn how your words play into the visual strategy of your website and marketing.


Interactive training is a great way for prospects to learn about your product’s value. Word Lions develops and delivers cost-effective training for any need.

Copious Proves Their Magento Expertise

Copious wanted to prove their mastery of the Magento e-commerce platform. They performed a number of tests on Magento in different environments and had a lot of data and results that they wanted to share with potential clients. They came to Word Lions to produce a white paper showcasing their findings.

Optimizing Magento: Benchmarking PHP 5.3 and 5.4

“Word Lions did a great job turning our benchmark results into valuable content.”

David Hughes, Strategic Director at Copious

Word Lions drew on their rich technical background to connect with Copious subject matter experts. The white paper highlighted Copious’s expertise while providing readers with valuable information about Magento’s performance under different system configurations.

Read the Optimizing Magento white paper.


Smarsh Shares Their Archival and Regulation Expertise

Smarsh delivers cloud-based archiving solutions for the information-driven enterprise. To enable sales and marketing efforts, Word Lions helped develop a line of case studies that showcase the success of Smarsh clients.

Sharing Vacation Photos While Meeting Regulatory Requirements

“The world of regulations and compliance that Smarsh works with can be difficult to grasp. Word Lions understands both our highly technical topics and the audience we’re trying to reach.”

Raime Merriman, Product Marketing Director at Smarsh

Word Lions produced a case study explaining how Lee County, FLorida uses the Smarsh expertise and platform to attract more tourism to Southwest Florida.

Read the Lee County case study from Smarsh.


Engine Yard Launches New Magento Service

When Engine Yard prepared to launch their new cloud-hosted Magento hosting service, they needed website copy that grabbed new customers. They came to Word Lions to help with the website revamp.

A Website Stands Out with Consistent Messaging

A new product line needs a message that is consistent across a company. Word Lions produced fierce copy that promoted the new Magento service and grabbed new clients’ attention. The new copy maintained Engine Yard’s clear, unique voice throughout.

Engine Yard only wanted one page, but Word Lions also writes and designs websites from the ground up.

See the Engine Yard Magento product page.


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