A Heritage of Technology and Business

Joel Barker, founder and owner of Word Lions. Also, writer

Joel Barker

Principal and Writer

After a first career in telecommunications and IT, Joel Barker took on the communication challenges of marketing technology. For 10 years he has been writing and structuring content, largely for technology and B2B offerings. As Word Lions grows, he savors the experience of teaching other writers and making a process that gets clients the deliverable they want. If you criticize yippie small dogs, he will flash a patient, indulgent smile and later introduce you to Torito, the chihuahua that will change your mind.

Karl Steiner, Word Lion

Karl Steiner

Writer and Whip Cracker

Karl joined Word Lions in 2011 after a couple of decades in sales and management roles for telecommunications, IT, and software development. Karl has a talent for accessible, value-driven content. He also speaks Saleperson-ese, which helps us connect marketing with sales needs. In his spare time, he contributes to several entertainment blogs and enjoys playing chess with stray animals.

Erik Arneston

Over the years, Erik's code has sold guitars, balanced services, and served up any number of web services. Along with his understanding of the underpinnings of applications, Word Lions put his affinity for research to work. We could all stand to learn a little bit about proper attire from Erik.

Karl Middlebrooks

Karl Middlebrooks, writer

Karl has been tweaking technology since the days of VisiCalc on the Apple ][+. He enjoys taking business puzzles and using technology to solve them, making people happy in the process. He's also brought his love of writing together with technology, writing about everything from SQL Server business intelligence to integrating social network services and new developments in electroacoustic music.

Michael Kitson

Michael Kitson turns the knobs and pushes keys on a variety of intimidating devices to create high quality audio and multimedia production. In a sound booth, he is a soothing influence that brings out the best in voice talent.

Curtis Settino

Curtishas been creating visual and audio content for a variety of purposes since, like, forever. He’s helped create demos, courses, and advertising for some very large and some very small companies. His graphics help us explain complicated things with a visual language that is both casual and concise.