Word Lions Build Elearning for International Association of Software Architects, Everyone Looks Great in Their New Suits

By Joel Barker

Here is a riddle for you:

A technology architect is a…

Essentially, in the IT world you know them when you see them. They are in every meeting. They know every corner of a company’s technology investment and all the initiatives that are floating around. They stitch all the bits and silicon together to make the business sleek and stylish.

Working in IT, I have seen a good architects who work like that Italian tailor from your favorite gangster film. They take raw cloth and resources and assemble classy and comfortable fashions that make the company operations look super snazzy.

So maybe a system architect is a tailor, but more. I do know that it is sometimes their job to state that the emperor has no clothes.

Andy Ruth, VP of Training at the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), is fervent about helping his fellow architects. He has a strategy to create valuable, meaningful training for them and enable them to share their knowledge with others in the field. Good stuff, all about making the work easier and the product better.

To get their curriculum kicked off, IASA needed to build foundational elearning courses that introduce the important concepts for architects. Andy and the IASA experts knew their content. They needed some technical and instructional design chops to get the courses into the world.

That is where we came in. Word Lions jumped in and helped to organized the knowledge into learnable portions, advised IASA on some implementation, and helped to assemble the courses. We love Andy’s passion and were happy to help him get his vision out the door.

“We did not have to explain the core ideas behind the project to Philip and Joel. They got it and went right to work,” said Andy, “they were just the help we needed to sew up this big project.” Then he turned back to his sewing dummy in front of a three-pane mirror. It is amazing you can understand what he says when he has all those pins in his mouth.

Thanks Andy. We are really impressed with your efforts as well. We look forward to hearing more about your intriguing training projects. Also, I have this suit that needs to be altered a little bit, just brought in at the shoulders…