Our Continuing Evolution 2013

Our Continuing Evolution 2013

By Joel Barker

Word Lions have always been more about people than words. (We are rarely actually about lions at all, except in metaphorical ways.) Be it clients, audience, or partners, we earnestly test our efforts to confirm that we are doing good for people. That includes ourselves.

Word Lions started in 2009 when Joel and Philip determined that they would be happy writing white papers for a living. Of course, our work has become so much more than white papers over the years. We have gone from writing to creating content. We churn out a broad array of deliverables on a broad array of subjects.

Along the way, we developed the habit of asking ourselves, “do we want to do this?” whenever a new opportunity arose. The answer was always as much about quality of life and pride of work as margin of profit. To be happy, it is a good question to ask occasionally.

Philip Morgan, Word Lions Emeritus

After nearly five years as a founding and directing partner of our little venture, Philip has decided he wants to do something else. He is leaving the company as of September 30. We are in the process of a graceful, bittersweet transition.

More Karl Than Ever!

Going forward, you will see more of Karl Steiner as he takes on a larger role with Word Lions. Already writer, account manager, and sales Yoda around here for two years, Karl knows all the secret passages in the Word Lions den. Adding to his role will be natural. We can use still more of his many talents and experience.

Put plainly, Philip will not be replaced. There is no replacement for Philip Morgan. This company was made with his vision of writing, business, and life. We have all learned from him and will miss his insight, his point of view, and his astute markup of our drafts. A Two Lion Review will never be the same.

Because of the way we serve projects, we assure you that Word Lions will continue to make quality content and continue to be focused on being good to people we work with. Our focus on process and collaboration means that Philip will be able to transition cleanly out of his projects and Word Lions will continue to serve your needs. There will be a different voice, but the same culture on the phone when you call us.

Questions? Call Us All

In fact, feel free to call us now. Joel and Karl are available to answer any questions during the transition.

  • Joel: 503.310.2662
  • Karl: 503.334.7106

The Lion Stamp of Approval.